Contemporary Drama and Theater
in the Face of War, Violence and Refugeeism

25th-26th November 2017

Chair of Intercultural Studies in Central-Eastern Europe
The Laboratory for Drama and Theater Studies in Central and Eastern Europe

Applied Linguistics Department
University of Warsaw

The processes that occur in the contemporary world and that often take the form of military conflicts or are connected to the escalation of other types of violence, have become a challenge for the international community, including the theatrical field. During the conference we would like to deal with the following issues:

how and with what sensitivity contemporary drama and theater react to war, violence and refugeeism;
how contemporary playwrights and theatrical artists demonstrate and solve these problems; what new aspects of these issues they touch on and what new attitudes they develop;
what contemporary war looks like; what goals it has; where the front line is; who fights with who;
where violence appears (e.g. “government vs. people”, “woman vs. man”, “rich vs. poor”, “native vs. immigrant”, etc.) and what forms it takes;
how refugees affect our understanding of the “native vs. alien” issue; how contemporary society reacts to refugees; whether they are an asset or a threat to it;
how artistic and theatrical interpretation of contemporary threats affects individual perception and social discourse.

Conference Topics:
War, violence and refugeeism as the subjects of contemporary drama and theater
Language of violence – violence of language: forms of contemporary drama
Documentary theater as a method of illustrating war, violence and refugee problems
The aesthetic and moral dimensions of war and violence in contemporary theater
The role of the theater as an institution in the face of war, violence and refugeeism
Theater as an ideological battlefield
Censorship in the contemporary theater
Theater as a propaganda tool
Theatrotherapy for victims of violence

Conference languages: English, Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Russian

Please submit abstracts (no longer then 1.500 characters), speaker's details (name, surname and academic title) as well as the paper title to:

Conference fee: 100 EUR or 400 PLN. The fee will be used to cover the post-conference publication costs in the journal Studia Teatralne Europy ƚrodkowo-Wschodniej, provided that the academic reviewers give a favorable review.

Deadline for abstracts: 15th June 2017. The account number and the deadline for payment of the conference fee will be sent in the acceptance notification.

Academic Council of the Conference:
Professor Anna Kuligowska-Korzeniewska, PhD hab.
Andrey Moskvin, PhD hab.
Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun, PhD.
Oliwia Kasprzyk (PhD candidate)